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Whether you live in York, Toronto, ON or own a business there, we can provide you with window caulking that will help to keep your home or business warm in winter, cool in summer, and affordable all year long.

Though it is often overlooked when people think of maintenance tasks, window caulking is among the most important ways to keep your home at the proper temperature and your energy bills to a minimum. Over time, caulking gets worn down. This happens for several reasons, not the least of which are the opening and closing of windows and the expansion and contraction of glass with changes in temperature. When this happens, gaps begin to open between windows and their frames and window frames and the walls around them.

These gaps enable warm air to flow into areas in which the air is cooler, and cool air to fill the vacuum that is left when that occurs. When air transfers from inside your building to outside your building and vice versa, it forces your heating and air conditioning systems to work overtime to compensate. When they are on longer, they expend more energy, which is reflected in your monthly energy bills. In fact, many people pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in increased energy costs simply because they do not realize that there is a problem with their caulking.

While these are the most obvious costs associated with not having proper window caulking, there are others. Furnaces and air conditioning systems that are on for more time than that for which they are designed break down more frequently. This creates an increased need for maintenance, repairs, and replacements, the costs of which can add up very quickly.

Of course, there is also the issue of comfort. Areas that are not properly caulked may become drafty. For people spending too much time in drafty areas or going into and out of them frequently, this can result in illness.

Take the first step to lower energy bills and a more comfortable home or business in York, Toronto, ON by calling or e-mailing us about your needs.

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