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Those who live or do business in North York, ON can count on us for outstanding window caulking that will stand the test of time. We hold our employees to the highest standards of workmanship and equip them with only the best materials in the industry. It should come as no surprise, then, that we are able to back all of our work with a ten year warranty, which gives the customer the peace of mind that should come with every job for which they hire a contractor.

While it is often overlooked when it comes to the maintenance of homes, offices, factories, and other buildings, window caulking is extremely important for several reasons. Perhaps the most important one is that it helps to keep energy bills in check. Here in the Toronto area, winters can get quite cold, which means that furnaces have to do quite a bit of work under the best of circumstances. If caulking is inadequate, though, heated air escapes, which forces furnaces to work even harder, raising the costs of keeping them running considerably.

By extension, having window caulking that functions as it should keeps the need for the maintenance of furnaces and air conditioning systems to a minimum. While they will always have to expend some energy when temperatures are especially warm or cold, they will not have to work more than is necessary to complete their functions. By extension, caulking also helps to reduce the likelihood and frequency of complete breakdowns of these systems.

Good caulking is also important in terms of keeping buildings comfortable and people healthy. If parts of a building have very different temperatures, as can be the case with a drafty area in the winter, those moving between the two areas may become sick due to the frequent changes in temperature.

If you own a home or a business in North York, ON, getting the right window caulking starts with a phone call or an e-mail. Get in touch with us today to let us know about your specific needs and let us help you to a healthier, more cost efficient home or business.

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