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When you need window caulking for your home or business in Richmond Hill, ON, you can count on us for fast, professional service. We have been serving the Toronto area for more than fifteen years and are ready to make you our next satisfied customer.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with the highest standards of workmanship and materials. We also offer peace of mind by providing you with a ten year warranty on every job that we do.

Window caulking is usually not among the first few things that come to mind when thinking about maintenance, but it is critically important for keeping buildings comfortable, healthy, and affordable. In fact, some estimates say that residents and businesses that have outdated or poor caulking spend 25% more on their heating and air conditioning costs than they would with proper caulking. Just imagine having that extra money in your pocket month after month.

Those are just the direct costs associated with having your heating and air conditioning systems working overtime, though. There are also indirect costs associated with poor caulking. When air conditioners and furnaces are forced to work for extra time, they require maintenance more frequently. Regardless of whether they get that service, they are also prone to breaking down completely more frequently. The costs of extra maintenance and repairs, and perhaps even replacement, of these systems can run into the thousands of dollars themselves.

Of course, there is also a more human cost to having poor caulking. Areas near windows that are not properly caulked are prone to drafts and uncomfortable temperatures. At best, people who spend extended periods of time in affected areas may have to wear extra clothing during the winter or just be uncomfortable during the summer. At worst, it can result in illness, either due to low temperatures or people experiencing frequent and dramatic changes in temperature.

Protect yourself, your business, your home, and/or your family today by calling or e-mailing us about the window caulking services that we provide in Richmond Hill, ON. Take the first step to lower bills and a more comfortable building.

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