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For window caulking in the Orangeville, ON area, we are the company that you can trust. We work to provide all of our customers with the best service in the industry, which starts with providing them with peace of mind. We do this by backing all of our work with a ten year warranty, making it easy for those who entrust us with these important jobs to put their minds at ease.

There is no window caulking job that is too big or two small for us. We serve small businesses and single family homeowners as well as high rise apartment buildings and office buildings. In fact, we even handle landscape caulking, which can go a long way toward preventing damage to surfaces like driveways and sidewalks.

While it is seldom the first – or even in the time five- things that people consider when it comes to home maintenance, window caulking is extremely important, especially for those who pay the heating and air conditioning bills. That is because heating and air conditioning systems have to work overtime when windows are not properly caulked. They expend more energy, require more maintenance, and are more prone to breaking down than they would if windows were properly caulked.

Although the financial aspects of caulking often get the most attention, there is another big reason that you want to ensure that your home is properly sealed at all times. Gaps where caulking should be can result in the area by the window or windows that have the problem being at vastly different temperatures than the rest of the building. At best, this can be uncomfortable, with those in the areas feeling drafts. At worse, people going into and out of those areas frequently may find themselves becoming ill as their bodies struggle to cope with the constant changes in temperature.

If you own a home or business in Orangeville, ON and you need window caulking to keep your building comfortable and your energy bills in check, give us a call or send us an e-mail today so that we can discuss how our company can meet your needs.

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