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Whether you have a business or a home in Peel Region Toronto, our window caulking service can seal your home properly to make it more comfortable and save you money.

Window caulking is a vital part of maintenance for two main reasons. One is that it helps to keep the environment comfortable and healthy for those inside a building, be it a home or a business. The second is that it helps to keep down the costs of energy, maintenance, and replacement costs for heating and air conditioning systems.

Window caulking fills the typically small gaps around the edges of windows and window frames. Even though the gaps are small, they allow air to transfer between the two sides. As the air transfers, it becomes more difficult to regulate inside temperatures.

In terms of comfort, you have more than likely experienced such a transfer of air. Rather than talk about it in terms of air transfer or the laws of thermodynamics, though, you probably just called it “a draft.” Areas close to windows may experience drafts in the winter, or simply be cooler than other areas of the building. In the summer, they may be warmer as warm air rushes into the cooler space. For those spending any length of time in areas impacted by poor or worn caulking, this can be uncomfortable. It may even result in illness, especially if someone is constantly going back and forth between warmer areas and cooler areas.

When air from inside a building escapes, it gets replaced by air that is not at the desired temperature. Heating and air conditioning systems have to account for this by expending more energy, most often by being on longer than they should be. Some people may even raise the heat or lower the air conditioning to account for the difference, resulting in higher costs still. Even the costs of maintaining heating and air conditioning systems increase due to the extra work that they are doing.

If you own a building in Peel Region Toronto and would like to prevent or stop these problems, get in touch with us about our window caulking services today.

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