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Heating and air conditioning costs can be reduced dramatically for those living in Vaughan, ON thanks to our window caulking services. In fact, many of our customers save as much as 20% on the energy costs of heating and cooling their homes and businesses when we put in new caulking.

The reason that these savings are so significant is simple. When window caulking is either applied improperly or outdated, it does not properly seal the window and the area around it. This means that there are gaps between the air inside the building and the air outside the building. These gaps enable warm air to flow into the areas where the air is colder – as it does according to the laws of thermodynamics, and cold air to fill the resultant vacuum. This means that warm air escapes and is replaced by cold air in the winter and warm air enters the building and cool air escapes during the summer.

When this happens, heating and air conditioning systems are forced to compensate for the fact that they air that they already treated has been lost and new air needs to be heated or cooled. They are typically on for considerably more time than they otherwise would be, and in some cases homeowners and business owners actually have to turn the heat up and air conditioning down to account for the air that is coming into the building. In fact, energy costs associated with heating and air conditioning may be up to 25% higher for those whose homes and businesses lack proper window caulking.

Although those are the most obvious costs associated with the problem, they are not the only ones. Heating and air conditioning systems are designed to heat and cool specific areas. When they work harder than is necessary to do that, they require more maintenance than systems that work the proper amount. Regardless of whether they get that maintenance, they are also more likely than they otherwise would be to break down entirely.

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