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Like those in other parts of the Toronto area, Clarington, ON residents and business owners can save a lot of money by employing our window recaulking services.

The caulking on your windows is an extremely important element of both maintenance and budgeting. When the caulking becomes poor, areas of your home close to the windows can become uncomfortable. They will be considerably warmer during the summer and cooler during the winter than other parts of the building. Further, the costs of heating and cooling are kept in check when air that has been heated remains in the home and warm air is kept out of cool areas.

Although window recaulking is important for everyone, it is particularly vital for those who live in this part of Canada, where temperatures change considerably during the course of the year. That is because changes in temperature also mean changes in the size of glass, which contracts in cold weather and expand when temperatures rise. Although these changes in its size are not significant enough to be recognized with the naked eye, they do take a toll on caulking over time. Eventually, they can create gaps that let air from the warmer side flow into the cooler side, resulting in warmer indoor temperatures in summer lower temperatures in winter.

When air transfer occurs, it forces furnaces and air conditioners to heat and cool more air and to be on longer than is necessary. What this means for those paying the bills is that costs are higher every month.

Fortunately, there is a quick and very cost-effective solution to these problems. We offer window recaulking and related services for buildings of all types, as well as landscaping. We ensure that all of the gaps are sealed and remain so for at least ten years, which is the length of the warranties that we offer. We are able to provide such a long warranty because of the quality of the workmanship and materials that go into every one of our projects.

Take the first step to a more comfortable home or business and lower energy bills by calling us about your Clarington, ON window recaulking needs today.

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