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Window recaulking is one of the most important but also most frequently overlooked maintenance tasks for homes and businesses in the Toronto area. Fortunately, we are here to help both those who recognize the need to have it done before a problem arises and those who recognize that they have an existing problem with the caulking in their homes or businesses.

One of the reasons that window recaulking is so often overlooked is that it does not need to be done very often. Even with companies that try to handle the job on the cheap, new caulking should last for years. Because we use high quality materials and apply them professionally, we offer a ten year warranty on every job that we do. Just imagine the peace of mind that will come with knowing that you have taken a major step toward saving thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of dollars on your energy bills over the next decade.

We provide window recaulking services for all types of customers and all types of windows. We have experience with high rise and low rise buildings, commercial and industrial properties, and single family homes. Although we provide all of our customers with exceptional service, we take special pride in the fact that large businesses and apartment building owners and property managers choose us time after time for all of their caulking needs. That is because these are the people who have the greatest stake in our success, as the scale of the money saved through our work is tremendous.

In addition to buildings, we also handle landscaping caulking. These projects include things like driveways, sidewalks, walls, and more. As with the window caulking, this is particularly important due to Canadian temperatures. Ice expanding and contracting in gaps in driveways can cause severe damage to surfaces, leading to high costs in repairs. Having them properly caulked prevents this type of damage from occurring.

Whether your project in Brock, ON is a home, a business, or an outdoor site, call us now to let us know about your caulking needs. Whether window recaulking or otherwise, we look forward to handling your job quickly and professionally.

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