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Window caulking is extremely important for residences and businesses in Scarborough, ON, as we offer this service throughout the area.

Window caulking is important in any area in which heating or air conditioning is used. It is especially important here in the Greater Toronto Area because of the extreme swings in temperature that we experience. That is because changes in temperature can take a toll on caulking over time, and because the caulking is also affected by the expansion and contraction of glass that comes with those changes in temperature. When caulking gets worn out or is improperly applied, gaps open up. These gaps can be costly.

To discover why these gaps need to be closed and kept closed by window caulking, we can look at the laws of thermodynamics. Warm air flows into areas of cooler air, and cool air fills the resultant vacuum. While this may seem complicated, the truth is that just about everyone has experienced this for themselves from time to time. We just call it a draft. Drafty areas in winter when windows are closed indicate a problem with the caulking.

There are three problems that result from this. The easiest to recognize is discomfort around the window or windows that are not properly caulked. At best, this makes areas uncomfortable, whether by being too warm in summer or too cold in winter. At worst, it can lead to illness, especially among those who may be going into or out of the affected area frequently.

The second problem is that air leaks can be extremely costly. Some people could save up to twenty percent on their heating and cooling costs with new window caulking that properly seals the building. That is because of the extra energy expended by heating and cooling systems that have to compensate for the air flow.

Third, heating and air conditioning systems that work harder than they should require more maintenance. They are also more prone to breaking down than systems that do the amount of work for which they are designed.

When you need window caulking for a home or business in Scarborough, ON, give us a call.

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