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Take a step toward lowering your energy costs and making your home or business in York East Toronto, ON more comfortable and healthy today by calling us about our window caulking services.

Always having good window caulking is an extremely important part of keeping your building at a comfortable temperature at all times. That is because, according to the laws of thermodynamics, warm air flows to areas of cooler air, which can heat up your building in the summer and make it colder in the winter. While areas away from the windows will feel less of an impact, the areas close to the window can be impacted quite dramatically. These areas may become very uncomfortable, and some people may fall ill because of the frequent temperature changes that they experience going into and out of the affected areas.

While comfort and health are important, so too are the costs associated with having poor window caulking. If your windows are not properly caulked, you may be paying as much as 25% more than you should be to heat and cool your home. That is because your furnace and air conditioner need to compensate for lost warm and cold air. This means that they are on longer, sometimes at higher temperatures, and expend much more energy than they otherwise would.

As they work more, they also wear out faster. The costs associated with this can get quite high, as they require more maintenance, parts need to be replaced more frequently, and even entire systems are much more likely to break down. This can easily cost thousands of dollars on top of the increased energy costs.

Fortunately, addressing this problem either before or after it occurs is easy. We provide caulking services that last for a decade or more. Every project that we complete is backed by a ten year warranty, which means that you can rest assured that you will not need to worry about the problems listed above for quite some time.

For window caulking that can save you money on your home or business in York East Toronto, ON, call us today.

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