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When you need window caulking in Pickering, ON, you can count on us to provide you with the value and peace of mind that you deserve. We have been providing our services to residents and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area for more than fifteen years, and we would be happy to have you become our next highly satisfied customer.

We provide window caulking for all types of buildings. These include residences, such as single family homes, duplexes, and low and high rise apartment buildings, and businesses, be they small or large. We even serve industrial facilities, such as factories and plants. Regardless of the type of job, we back all of our work with a ten year warranty, ensuring that those who hire us will not have to worry about getting the job done again for at least ten years.

There are two main reasons that we are happy and confident to provide decade-long warranties. The first is that we hold ourselves and our employees to extremely high standards, exercising extreme care and professionalism on every project. The second is that we don’t skimp on materials. Instead, we use the very best available, providing maximum durability.

We recommend that our customers turn to us for window caulking as soon as they recognize a need for it or, better yet, if their caulking is nearing the end of its projected lifespan. This the best way to avoid problems such as drafts and higher energy bills.

While window caulking is at the heart of our business, we also provide landscape caulking for those who need it. This would include such surfaces as driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. This is important more with regard to water than with air. Water may penetrate cracks and crevices in such surfaces. If it then turns to ice, it expands, damaging the material further Proper caulking can prevent that from happening.

Don’t wait to get in touch with us about your caulking needs in Pickering, ON. Whether you have a problem or are looking to prevent one, give us a call or send us an e-mail today.

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