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When you need window caulking for a home or business in Kleinberg, ON, you can count on us to provide exceptional workmanship and materials that will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the matter for years to come.

All of the work that we do comes with a ten year warranty. We are confident that our window caulking will stand such a test of time because of our exceptionally high standards of workmanship and the fact that we use only the best materials.

Why is maintaining window caulking that works so important? For one thing, it keeps buildings at comfortable temperatures. Drafts can make areas very uncomfortable, especially during the winter when outside temperatures can be very low. Air penetrating all or part of a room can force people to layer their clothing indoors, and it can even lead to illness if people do not adequately insulate themselves.

Also significant is the cost of warm air coming into or going out of the home. During the winter, warm air can escape through the gaps that caulking would normally fill. When it does, cold air fills the vacuum that it creates. To warm that air, heating systems, especially furnaces, have to do more work than they otherwise would. For a time, this typically means ‘only’ higher energy bills. Before long, though, it means that it requires more maintenance. It may also break down. The same is true with air conditioning. Warm air enters the home. The cold air from inside your home fills the vacuum that it creates, and your air conditioner goes into overdrive.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. We can handle not only your window caulking needs but also all of your related ones. Landscape caulking is a particularly popular option, as it can keep water from penetrating into your driveway and sidewalks. This can keep you from having to worry about the costs associated with repairs for years to come by protecting surfaces from damaged caused by water and air penetration.

Call us now to speak with us about your caulking needs for your property in Kleinberg, ON.

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