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For those living or operating businesses in Toronto, ON, our window caulking services can save quite a bit of money while also making buildings more comfortable.

We provide service for projects of all types and sizes. Single family homes are a large part of our business, though we also handle low rise and high rise apartment buildings. We also work on commercial and industrial properties, on which the costs of having outdated caulking can often be particularly high.

Regardless of the size of the job, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. To this end, we hand select each and every member of our team to ensure that they are fully trained and equipped to handle any job. We then provide them with materials that are second to none and will stand the tests of time and changing weather. For these reasons, we are able and proud to provide ten year warranties on every job that we do.

Why is window caulking so important? For one thing, it can reduce the amount that homeowners and business operators have to pay for energy to heat and cool a building by about 20%. Over the course of a year, that can easily get into the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. It can also keep the costs of maintenance and repairs down to a minimum, as having heating and cooling systems working no harder than is necessary reduces wear and tear, along with the likelihood of them breaking down.

Another reason to get new window caulking when your old caulking wears out, if not before, is that it can make a building more comfortable. Areas close to windows with improper caulking are typically colder in winter and warmer in summer than the rest of the building. This makes people who go into and out of the areas repeatedly more prone to becoming sick due to the temperature changes.

Whether your window caulking is dated and you are trying to avoid a problem or you already have one, call us today to speak with us about how we can meet your window caulking needs in Toronto, ON.

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