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Brampton Toronto homeowners and business owners can benefit tremendously from our window recaulking services, which we operate throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Although it is often overlooked, window caulking is extremely important. In fact, the caulking in your home can either cost you or save you as much as thousands of dollars a year. That is because of the tremendous impact that it has on your energy bills.

Why is this so important, especially for those living here in Canada? When temperatures change, glass expands and contracts. In individual instances, the change in the size of the glass is not noticeable, especially to the naked eye. It is so miniscule that it can easily be ignored. Over time, though, those repeated changes impact the caulking, eroding it slowly. At a certain point, gaps develop between panes of glass and their frames. When this happens, warmer air moves through to the side with colder air.

Put in more practical terms, when you turn on the heat in winter, you want the heated air to remain in your home so that your furnace needs to do as little work as possible to keep your home warm for you and your family. When you don’t have proper caulking, that air escapes, forcing your furnace to work overtime. Directly, this means that your energy bills are higher month in and month out. Indirectly, it means that your furnace requires maintenance more frequently and is more prone to breaking down. Both of these things cost you money.

With our window recaulking services, you can keep from having to worry about these problems for at least ten years. That is the period over which we offer our customers warranties on our work. We are confident that it will stand the test of that time because we provide exceptional workmanship and use only materials that are widely considered the best in the industry.

Whether you already have drafts and/or high energy bills or it has been too long since you have had new window recaulking in your home or business in Brampton, Toronto, call or e-mail us today.

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