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Whether you own a home or a business in Halton Hills, ON, you can save money and keep your building more comfortable with window caulking.

When people think about maintenance tasks, they most often think in terms of plumbing, electricity, appliances, cleaning, and the like. Caulking is typically overlooked, partially because it does not need to be done very often if it is done properly. A major consequence of this is that residents and business owners often end up losing thousands of dollars over the course of several years either because getting new caulking does not occur to them or they simply put the task of getting it off for longer than they should.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. We offer window caulking services for all types of buildings, from apartment buildings and office buildings to single family homes and factories. We even offer landscaping caulking, which can prevent damage to areas like driveways and sidewalks.

The primary reason that proper caulking is so important has to do with warm air escaping from or entering into your home when you are running your furnace or air conditioning, respectively. When warm air escapes during the winter, cold air fills the vacuum, resulting in what is commonly referred to as “a draft.” The other consequence is that your furnace needs to account for the difference, remaining on longer and turning back on sooner than it would if you had proper caulking. During the summer, your air conditioner has to account for the warm air that is entering the building by remaining on longer as well.

The good news is that you can save energy with proper window caulking. By having us fill the gaps that enable warm air to transfer to areas in which air is colder, you can better regulate the temperature in your building – and pay less in doing so. You can also make sure that areas near the windows do not get uncomfortable as a result of poor caulking.

If you are ready to save money and have a more comfortable home or business in Halton Hill, ON, call us now.


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