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Uxbridge, ON residents and business owners would do well to turn to us when they need window caulking. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area for more than a decade and a half, handling every job with professionalism and care.

We pride ourselves on the workmanship and materials that we put in to every job that we take on, be it a single family home or a high rise apartment building. As part of our commitment to our customers, we make sure that everyone on our team meets the highest industry standards of workmanship. We also supply our team members with the absolute best materials to get the job done. Because of these two factors, we feel confident in giving our customers a ten year warranty with every job.

Why is window caulking so important? It comes down primarily to two things: making the homes and businesses of our customers more comfortable and saving the people who run them money and stress.

Buildings are constructed in part to make it possible to control the temperature on the inside. Most parts of the building are sealed at the time of construction, but small gaps crop up around the edges of windows and their frames. Left as they are, these gaps permit air to transfer from the outside of a building in and vice versa. When this happens, the areas inside the window feel closer to the outside temperature than the temperature in the rest of the building. Not only can this make people uncomfortable, but it can also make them sick, especially if they move repeatedly into and out of the affected area.

Beyond comfort, the monetary issue is extremely important. The most direct impact that poor caulking can have on a building is raising energy costs associated with heating and cooling systems by a startling 25%. Indirectly, the excess work that furnaces and air conditioners have to do necessitates more maintenance, repairs, and ultimately replacement, costing the homeowner or business owner substantial sums.

Fortunately for those in Uxbridge, ON, there is a solution. Get in touch with us today to speak with us about your window caulking needs.

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