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Start saving money on the costs associated with heating and cooling your home or business in Markham, ON today by turning to us for your window caulking needs.

While it is typically quite low on the list of maintenance tasks in terms of those that get the most thought or discussion, window caulking is an extremely important element of keeping monthly bills affordable and homes and offices comfortable. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to do both.

According to the laws of thermodynamics, warm air will always flow into areas of cooler air. When that happens, cool air fills the vacuum that the warm air leaves. Of course, most people don’t speak about thermodynamics when this happens. Instead, they simply call it a draft.

A draft during the winter can cause several problems. First, the areas closest to the gaps through which the drafts flows become uncomfortable. People in those areas may find themselves cold even when the heating system is running properly. If they remain in the areas long enough, or if they frequently go from warmer areas to the cooler ones, they may come ill.

The second problem is that warm air escaping from and cool air coming into a home cause the heating system to expend more energy because it has to compensate for the heat loss. What this means is higher energy bills for homeowners and business owners. These can cost them hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per year.

Not only do those responsible for handling the bills have to pay more on a monthly basis, but they will also find that heating systems are more susceptible to breaking down and require more frequent maintenance. Again, this adds to the cost of not having proper caulking.

There are similar results of not having proper caulking in summer, as warm air enters the home through gaps. Air conditioning bills rise and air conditioners do not last as long as they otherwise would when they have to do so much extra work.

Stop paying more than is necessary to keep your home or business in Markham, ON at a comfortable temperature. Call us about our window caulking services today.

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