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Whether you own a home or a business in East York, ON, you can benefit from the our window caulking services. We provide these services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, saving our customers money and making their buildings more comfortable.

Window caulking is seldom given much thought as a maintenance task, at least until problems with it become obvious. Unfortunately, many people end up losing hundreds, even thousands, of dollars due to increased energy bills and related maintenance costs before they recognize that a problem exists.

The reason for this is that gaps resulting from a lack of caulking typically emerge slowly. As such, increases in energy costs may be too gradual to be noticed for months, or even years.

Although problems with worn out or improper caulking can arise anywhere, they are particularly important here in Canada because of the vast range of temperatures that we experience. This impacts energy costs in two related ways. The first is that glass expands and contracts more than it does in other places with changes in temperature. Most people seldom give this expansion and contraction of glass much thought because it is invisible to the naked eye. Even so, this means that caulking can get worn down over time, resulting in gaps between window panes and their frames.

On a related note, heating costs can be particularly high here during winter. Air escaping through the gaps means that a furnace has to run longer and/or work harder than it otherwise would to keep a building warm. Directly, this means higher energy bills in winter, while warm air entering the building in summer means higher energy bills for air conditioning as well. Indirectly, furnaces and air conditioners that work harder require more maintenance and repairs and are also more likely to break down, which can get expensive for those paying the bills.

Don’t live with improper or worn out caulking any longer. Call us about the window caulking services that we offer in East York, ON today. We look forward to lowering your energy bills and making your home or business more comfortable.

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