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If you have a home or a business with aging or outdated caulking window Whitchurch Stouffville ON in or around WhitchurchStouffville, ON, we can save you money and keep your building draft free for years to come.

Buildings that have poor caulking window Whitchurch Stouffville ON, be they homes or businesses, can become drafty. This is because air from inside the building can escape and air from outside the building can penetrate it through the gaps that open up. This can have a dramatic effect on the temperatures in the areas closest to the windows. Those spending too much time in those areas and those constantly going in and out of them may become ill as a result. At best, they are likely to be very uncomfortable.

Good caulking, though, is not just a matter of comfort and health. It can also make a big financial difference for residents and business owners. In fact, those who have poor caulking can save as much as twenty percent on the energy costs of heating and cooling their buildings by having new caulking installed. There are even more savings in other areas considering that furnaces and air conditioners that have to compensate for outside air have to work harder and tend to require maintenance more frequently. They are also more likely to stop working entirely, which can be a major problem in the middle of a cold winter or hot summer.

While window caulking constitutes the bulk of our business, we also provide landscape caulking for those who need it. This includes outside surfaces, such as brick walls, driveways, and more. This type of caulking is particularly important here in Canada, where water that penetrates these surfaces can freeze and expand, causing considerable damage.

All of our caulking work is backed by ten year warranties. These warranties help to provide those who hire us with the peace of mind that they deserve when hiring a contractor.

If you are ready for new window caulking in your home or business in WhitchurchStouffville, ON, or if you would just like to know more about when you might need it, call or e-mail us today.

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