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Uxbridge, ON residents and business owners can turn to us for all of their caulking window Uxbridge ON needs. They can do so with complete confidence thanks to the fact that every project that we complete comes with a ten year warranty.

Caulking Window Uxbridge ON is often overlooked as a maintenance task, but it is extremely important for several reasons. One reason is that caulking helps to keep those in a building healthy. Gaps in caulking permit air to pass from inside a building to outside of it and vice versa. That cools areas close to affected windows in the winter and makes them warmer in the summer. Temperature extremes and changes can cause people who live or work in the building to become sick. Even short of that, they can make areas very uncomfortable.

Another reason that good window caulking is so important is that it helps to control costs for residents and business owners alike. When warm air penetrates a building in the summer and escapes it in the winter, it forces the air conditioning and heating systems, respectively, to work harder to compensate. Most of the time this means that they are on longer to have the same affect. In some cases they are set at lower and higher temperatures. This can drive the energy costs of heating and cooling up by as much as 25{1dca90acd8ad6ceda1157ef572f13d3f97b9a6e8f16bdaeefbd2c5aa3dbc8e53}.

There are also indirect costs associated with this. When furnaces and air conditioners are on for more time, they typically require more maintenance, more frequent parts replacement, and even need to be replaced in full sooner than they otherwise would be. The costs of these things can add up quickly.

Finally, furnaces and air conditioners that are working much harder than they should be are also more prone to breaking down entirely. This can make for an extremely dangerous situation, especially during the very cold winter months.

If you have poor or outdated window caulking in your home or business in Uxbridge, ON, take action today. Call or e-mail us or use the contact us form on this website to let us know about your needs and find out how we can meet them.

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