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Those in Kitchener, ON who have poor or outdated caulking window Kitchener ON can turn to us to save money on their energy bills and enjoy a more comfortable home or business.

Window caulking is one of the most often overlooked yet most important home or office maintenance tasks.One reason for that is that a good caulking job should last for several years, meaning that it has to be done far less frequently than most other maintenance tasks. Another is that problems that are caused by poor or worn out caulking are often confused for problems with heating and air conditioning systems.

Caulking seals the areas at the outside of windows to prevent air from flowing into or out of a building. When it wears down or otherwise does not work as it should, that air passes through in what we commonly experience as a draft. Drafty areas can be uncomfortably warm in the summer and uncomfortably cold in the winter. Those who are in affected areas for extended periods of time, as well as those who frequently go into and out of such areas, may find themselves becoming ill.

There are financial reasons for ensuring that you always have good caulking as well. Poor caulking can drive up energy costs associated with heating and cooling a building by as much as 25{1dca90acd8ad6ceda1157ef572f13d3f97b9a6e8f16bdaeefbd2c5aa3dbc8e53}. This is because furnaces, air conditioners, and other parts of the heating and cooling systems have to be on longer than they otherwise would be to maintain the same temperatures in a building. Not only does this have a direct impact on monthly energy costs, but it also means that furnaces and air conditioners require more frequent maintenance and parts replacement.

When window caulking problems are ignored for too long and heating and cooling systems have to compensate, those systems are also more prone to breaking down entirely. This can mean not having any heat at all during the winter and no air conditioning during the summer, which can be costly problems to solve.

If you need new caulking for your home or business in Kitchener, ON, call or e-mail us today.

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