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Residents of Ajax, ON, as well as businesses in the area, can benefit tremendously from our caulking window Ajax ON services. We have been serving customers here and throughout the rest of the Toronto area for over a decade and a half and have developed a strong reputation as a company that gets the job done right the first time, every time.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing us is that we back every project that we do with a ten year warranty. We do this because we know how important it is for our customers to have peace of mind, which is something that people often lack when hiring contractors, especially hiring new ones for the first time. We are confident in doing it because of the exceptionally high standards of workmanship to which we hold every member of our team. We complement this workmanship with materials that are recognized as the very best throughout the industry, meaning that they stand up to time and the elements very well.

So why is caulking window so important? Homes and other buildings that have good caulking window Ajax ON pay 20{1dca90acd8ad6ceda1157ef572f13d3f97b9a6e8f16bdaeefbd2c5aa3dbc8e53} less on the energy costs associated with heating and air conditioning than their counterparts that have poor caulking. That can mean hundreds to thousands of dollars over time!

Why is the difference so dramatic? caulking window Ajax ON seals the gaps around a window to prevent air from entering or escaping from a building. This means that the air that has been warmed or cooled stays in place. By contrast, when air escapes, furnaces and air conditioners have to treat even more air to maintain the proper temperature. They are on much longer, and homeowners and business owners sometimes turn them up to compensate.

There are also indirect costs beyond energy alone. Furnaces and air conditioners that are on longer are doing more work, which puts a greater strain on their parts. They require more frequent maintenance and parts replacement and may even break down.

You can prevent or stop these sorts of problems for your home or business in Ajax, ON by calling us about our caulking window services today.

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